Boulders and Fieldstone

Natural stones are one of the most versatile elements available for any landscape makeover. Not only do landscaping rocks add texture and contrast, but they can be used in numerous ways to improve on the overall function and appearance of any yard by adding structure, contrast and serving as durable ground-cover without requiring much maintenance from the get-go. We offer a wide variety of field stones and boulders from basketball size to over 4000 pounds. We can also drill your boulder to create a natural water feature. And yes we do deliver!

Flagstone Steps

We have natural and cut flagstone steps available in a variety of colors and sizes. These can be used for walkways or an accent for your flower beds.


Flagstone is an all natural stone used for walk-ways, patios and paving. We offer two colors of flagstone as well as various thicknesses from Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Extra Large River Rock

3" to 10" multi-colored extra large river rock that can be used for dry creek beds, flower bed accents, borders, erosion control and drainage issues. Stone is an effective mulch for plants because it helps prevent evaporation from the soil surface and, unlike mulch, isn't prone to moving because of wind.

Large Tennessee River Rounds

Two to six inch sized stones collected from streams in Tennessee. Used as borders along flower beds and walkways as well as water features, drainage swells and dry ditches.