Extra Large River Rock

3" to 10" multi-colored extra large river rock that can be used for dry creek beds, flower bed accents, borders, erosion control and drainage issues. Stone is an effective mulch for plants because it helps prevent evaporation from the soil surface and, unlike mulch, isn't prone to moving because of wind.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Our Mexican Beach Pebbles are hand picked from the beaches of Mexico. They come in two colors and sizes: 1-3 inch and 2-4 inch.

Small Indian Creek Gravel

One to two inch mulitcolored stones shipped from Indiana. Used in flower beds, water features and other landscaped areas.

Large Crimson

Large Crimson rock is ideal for gardens and landscape accents.

Medium Crimson

Medium Crimson Rock is used in flower beds or other landscaped areas.

Fine Crimson

Fine Crimson Rock can be used as walk-ways or in other landscaped areas.